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Old Danish table lamp is available in 2 stainless steel versions!

The "stainless brass" version is no longer available.
The Vesta shade is an opalescent, handmade and mouth blown cased 3-layer (triplex) glass shade (Bottom rim diameter ø154mm, Height130mm).

The height of the lamp is 310mm and the diameter is ø170mm.
Weight 1,7 kg. 10''' circular burner (made of brass).
Oil container 0,6 litres.
Burning time approx. 33 hours.

Made in Denmark by Delite.
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115,00 CHF
This lamp was originally designed as the light source in officers' cabins and saloons in the late 19th century. It features four-way gimbals and a 5¼'' handmade acid-frosted globe (diameter ø135 mm) with ship motif. The globe is securely fastened with a clip-on spring.
Hand polished and lacquered brass.
6''' circular burner. Height: 390 mm.
Burning time is approx. 9 hours.
The tank contains approx. 0,125 litres
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